UDEN Goals

UDEN’s goals are big – but they are worthy.  It will take time, commitment and a lot of work, but we can summarize the goals into these simple steps:


  • We will connect the digital entertainment creators and build the community – our regular member meetings - networking events - have helped to get this started


  • We will inform the membership about one another, activities, job openings, contracts, about help members can get;

  • We’ll provide government agencies and the media with information about our sector

  • …and inform people outside the state about the great digital entertainment being created here in the beehive state


  • Last but not least, we will grow the sector – we will encourage new business starts, collaborations and innovations, promote all of you as world class creators of digital entertainment so we can finally put Utah on the digital map


We have a lot of work to do... but there is a catch.  Without support, none of this matters.  Good people have tried something like this before and failed.

  • If YOU like what we’re planning to do here, YOU must help it happen.
  • UDEN isn’t the committee – we’re all willing volunteers.
  • Help us help you help us all

We have established two membership types - both FREE:

* Contributor - someone who is actively creating digital entertainment in Utah (both corporate and individual);

* Associate - someone at the fringes of digital entertainment (perhaps providing goods or services, or a sponsor - both corporate and individual)

  • We need YOU to support our activities, HELP us by DOING something that gets us to these goals faster
  • BE A PART of this in whatever way you can
  • Come to our regular membership meetings and participate
  • Offer to help other members if they have needs you can supply
  • Volunteer to be on one of our committees – just a few hours a month
  • If you see one of our social media posts, please share them in your own networks – some of you are doing this – and it really makes a difference
  • If you can afford to sponsor one of our meetings at your location – please reach out to us
  • Help us compile the lists of companies and groups, dates of upcoming events etc
  • If we’re truly a community, then we’ll do this together


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