UDEN #15 - AR/VR Deep Dive: Work In Progress

A recap of UDEN #15, our first hands-on meeting showcasing work in progress for AR and VR in Utah.

As part of UDEN's focus on virtual reality technologies this year, UDEN #15 gathered together some of the various virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality initiatives happening in our sector in our state. We planned it to be a great opportunity for our members to network, learn and find collaborators to help engage in this vital emerging technology.


  • showcase of work in progress of yet-to-be-released products!
  • new software offerings
  • different types of hardware
  • opportunity to meet service providers

...and as always the opportunity to network with the best and brightest of Utah's digital entertainment community!

A meeting recap including video of the event is here: http://www.guv1.com/jonblogs/uden-15

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