UCDA Digital Summit Recap

UDEN was a sponsor of the UCDA Digital Summit held at the superb Park City Film Studios; this is my recap of what happened there which I want to share with the wider community.  Overall I came away re-energized about the potential of this sector and truly impressed by the quality and talent of the people we have here in the state.

The purpose of the summit was to invite a handful of leaders from the film, TV, media, gaming, educational, finance and government to come together and discuss digital entertainment in Utah.  I know, I know, feels like we’ve been here before, right?  What was different about this Summit was the focus:  how might we prepare ourselves for the future – to be ready for where the industry is going, as opposed to playing catch-up with where it is today?  Plus, the Summit was interactive, with the participants working together in groups to problem solve, as well as in the larger group for discussions.    Unfortunately, there was no time for my karaoke session!

Detailed recap and pix here: UCDA Recap

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