Trade Mission to Paris - Recap

Read our "hot-off-the-press" report from Paris about how the UDEN Trade Mission turned out!

In continuing to undertake activities as part of its 2018 theme of business development, UDEN took a booth at Game Connection Europe in Paris, France at the end of October. The goal was to raise the profile of Utah as a place where quality digital entertainment was created and to introduce Utah's talented creators of entertainment content and technology to a global audience, with the hope of creating new opportunities for everyone.

Were we successful? Well, in terms of raising the profile, the phrase we heard most was “You do that in Utah?”, second only to “Where is Utah?”. As for business opportunities, time will tell how much was created (the show only ended two days ago at the time of writing) — but there was a lot of interest.

We weren't sure what to expect, but our hopes were high.  Here is my report, filed a day after the event finished!

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