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Technical Artist (Contract)

Parallel Plaid is a different games studio. We’re small by design. We’re independent. Ambitious. Funded. We have a huge passion for building unique and beautiful games of our own design. We may be relatively new, but we are ready to take the games industry by storm.
We’ve spent the last few months designing and building a strong mobile title, and we’re looking for a Technical Artist to help polish the game for release. We need someone who is passionate about working in a startup, is an avid gamer, and wants to build the best game experience in the industry.

We’re looking for that rare combination of artist and technical wizard — someone who possesses a strong artistic vision, but also the skills to solve complex technical challenges within our tools and game engine. You’ll be responsible for helping optimize art team content, building and optimizing shaders, and solving technical issues related to art production. You’ll build particle effects, lighting, and art pipelines as you work closely with Art Production, Design, and Engineering teams. You’ll be the only Technical Artist on our team - so the world is your oyster. We can’t wait to have you on board.

Job Responsibilities

* Create visually stunning particle effects within our game’s defined style
* Work closely with artists, animators, designers, and programmers to implement effects
* Build, test, and optimize shaders as necessary
* Build and improve art pipelines and tools
* Optimize art assets for general release
* Provide creative input to assigned tasks through clear, effective communication


* 2+ years experience in game industry with at least 1 major release or strong demo reel
* Strong knowledge and experience with Unity and Maya
* Basic abilities in C# and other languages necessary to build tools pipelines
* Excellent communication and problem solving skills
* Highly organized and self-directed
* Passion for playing games
* Desire to work in a small startup that requires everyone to wear multiple hats

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