October Newsletter

Can you believe it's October?  What a bizarre year to have lived through and it's not over yet! 

Not a great deal to update you on this month, just a quick check-in and hope that you are doing OK.

Read on!

We avoided any UDEN meetings since our first one this year way back in January at Silicon Slopes.  We looked at a couple of virtual meetings but the consensus seemed to be that no-one needed an excuse for another Zoom session.   But I'm putting it out there once more - if any of you would like a virtual UDEN meeting, even if just to say hi, please let us know.  Virtual pizza isn't quite the same but perhaps it could be a useful exchange of how the pandemic is going for you!

We have continued to do what we can for the community behind the mask, as it were, and among other things were happy to help Intellivision decide upon Utah as their new global HQ.  Welcome to our community!

Keep posting open jobs, whether contract or full time on the website https://www.utahden.org/jobs_board, as well as upcoming events, whether virtual or in person https://www.utahden.org/upevents

Covid-19 Resources

The UDEN website saw an extraordinary amount of traffic in recent months, which suggests that the UDEN homepage updates with resources for this community during the pandemic have proven useful to many people.  Please do visit and let us know of any additional sites or resources you think would be helpful for our community. http://www.utahden.org.  

We miss you guys. Hang in there and let us know if we can help in any way.  ON BEHALF OF TEAM UDEN

     - Jon Dean

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