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  • UDEN #20

    UDEN's best networking event ever!

    It's all about YOU! Inspired by the great conversations we had during #HIVEIGNITEWEEK, we're giving you, our members, the floor at UDEN #20. 

    PLUS - you get the chance to have a VIP tour of the Redman Movies & Stories and get to see their state-of-the-art virtual studio.

    We want you to share your story with everyone there:

    - What you do, what you need and what you can offer

    Perhaps you:

    - Have a project idea to pitch?  Are looking for collaborators?  Are looking for advice?  Could use some expert help in an area?

    Your chance to give back to the community:

    - Mentorship and guidance, skills, financial advice or assistance or other resources

    Come prepared!

    To maximize the evening, make sure to bring with you:

    • business cards with up to date contact info
    • digital copy of any relevant portfolio so you can show your work/idea to anyone interested (eg tablet, phone, laptop)
    • an idea of what you're going to say -- who you are, what you do, what you need and what you can offer!


    VIP Tour of Redman Movies & Stories:

    Redman Movies (redmanmovies.com) are another great example of the deep talent that we have here in Utah, with a rich history of excellent products and projects over the years -- but another example of a facility and talent that people assume doesn't exist here!  We have been trying to find a reason to visit with them for ages and UDEN #20 is the perfect match -- because it's about stories!  After the main part of the meeting, Bryan and his team will arrange guided VIP tours of their facility and show you the capabilities of their state-of-the-art virtual studio.  We'll hope you'll come away as inspired as we are by this talented organization; whether you're a film maker, streamer, game developer, VR creator, student, advertiser or whatever -- make sure to work with them at your first opportunity.


    Please RSVP to reserve your place (below).

    Directions and parking:

    You can find Redman Movies and Stories at 1075 S. 700 W. , UT 84104.



    Many thanks to Redman Movies & Stories, and to GrowTix for sponsoring this event!


    September 05, 2018 at 6pm
    Redman Movies & Stories
    1075 S 700 W
    Salt Lake City, UT 84104
    United States
    Google map and directions
    27 rsvps rsvp

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