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DEADRIOT - Eradicating the Hordes from Utah

Just a quick post.


We launched DeadRiot (mobile game) in September and it was voted today by SlideDB as a Top 50 App of the Year.  The game sits in the #1 slot for 3rd Person Shooters as well.  More here:


Thanks for reading and checking out DeadRiot.  This forum is fantastic!

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Dark Pixel collaborates with ChAIR

Utah YouTuber's, Dark Pixel, recently released a video they collaborated on with ChAIR Games. It's the first ever live action side-scroller. It turned out super nice! Check out the video here:

There are so many opportunities for creators and companies to work together. I know creators are always looking for content, and companies are always looking to get the word out about their product. This video is a perfect example of what can happen when these two worlds truly collaborate. 

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So You Want To Be A Game Designer / Programmer / Artist etc?

I'm frequently asked for the 'inside track' on how to break into the games industry.  Sometimes it's a parent whose teenage offspring wants to be a game designer and they want to know what to study; sometimes its a random person I meet at a party who loves (--insert name of mass market game here--) and thinks they could do better.  The following is a version of how I respond -- I hope you find it useful if you are pondering this also!

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Video from Past Membership Meetings Now Live!

You can find video from our past membership meetings on our YouTube Channel!  Subscribe to see:

- great keynotes about digital entertainment in Utah

- Hive Ignite - speed pitches from interesting digital entertainment creators and related parties

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