May 21 Newsletter

Happy May Day! We hope that this update finds you in good health and that in your world, things are beginning to return to some kind of normality.  This month, we share more information about the  UDEN Discord server and some grants and more available to help with international business.

Read on!

This month, I wanted to bring two things to your attention: the first is the UDEN Discord server - this is a great way to connect with other members of the UDEN community; discover new contacts, potentially find contractors or employees, or just gather local industry intelligence. The Discord server arose as a result of a suggestion at #UDEN26 from Gordon Cooper, who went on to setup and moderate the service for us.


If you haven't used Discord before, well, now is the time to do it!  Think of it as a combined text messaging application for PC and mobile, which also has video chat capabilities. Additionally, it has message board-type features, which include subject matter channels, so you can engage with the areas that interest you most, quickly, with other people in our community.  It's still new but already people are starting to use it and it will build into a really useful resource for the community - so jump in now, the water is perfect! 

The channels we have include an announcements area, where you can share your news with the community; an introductions area, where you get to say 'hi' to everyone; events, upcoming events; plus channels for paid and unpaid work; multiple channels for film and broadcast, streaming, podcasting and game development, as well as audio, legal and market data.  If there is something missing that you would like to see, you should join us and kick-off that channel for us!

channels1.jpg channels2.jpg

The second thing is a reminder that the UDEN website has the ability to post on there your upcoming events and job openings - and we have some fresh job postings there right now! Please do use these FREE community resources or they will go away if not used!

Finally, I wanted to share that for the past few months, I have been attending a class run by SLCC called Global Business Management and it's a deep dive on how to export and trade internationally. Now, I realize that this may not be of interest to most UDEN members, but our company has made a VR-based entertainment product that contains both hardware and software, and exporting turned out to be extraordinarily complicated. The course has been incredibly valuable, and would have been doubly so had I known about it before we started down this path! So if any of you have physical products that need exporting, I can highly recommend this course, here. I believe it will be run again in the fall. 

Perhaps of greater significance to everyone here, I learned that grants are available from the Utah World Trade Center to help with exporting - including attending trade shows and trade missions overseas, testing of products for exporting, right down to localization of websites and materials. You can find out more here.

Looking forward to seeing you all on Discord this month!

With very best regards,


- Jon Dean

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