May Newsletter

It's May? Surely we're ready for a New Year by now? I hope this note finds you, your loved ones and colleagues doing well under the circumstances. It's tough making history!

This month, we have a ton of suggestions for things we can all do to make a difference in these days of social distancing and isolation. Read on...

From today, Utah begins to move from 'red' to 'orange' phase, meaning that restrictions will begin to be lifted but may be reimposed on a regional basis depending on what the resulting data shows.  Indeed, not all of the state will move to 'orange' at the same time, so check your local news or local government for latest in your region.  Full details about the phases and what they mean can be found here: 

For example, in 'orange' phase, restaurants will go from having no in-building dining allowed to resuming inside dining with tables spaced 6 feet apart. Gyms and hair and nail salons will also be allowed to reopen, as long as they follow the state's published public health guidelines (see link above).  Gatherings expand from no more than 10 to no more than 20.  Of course those in high-risk categories are still at high risk, and those advisories have not changed - essentially, stay isolated.

'Orange' doesn't mean we're 'good' in Utah; indeed if we are to get to 'green', we still need to keep washing those hands thoroughly and frequently, keep social distancing and... wear a mask in public.  For me anyway, that's an improvement and no-one can tell I didn't shave today!  More details about what all this means for our UDEN community can be found on the UDEN homepage, which we are attempting to keep up to date on a regular basis during the health crisis.

While some of us are still working and some are waiting for work to resume, spare a thought for those on the frontline of the pandemic.  I thought that a good use for this month's newsletter might be to highlight ways you could help fellow Utahns during this health crisis.

Among the things to consider are:

- donate much needed personal protective equipment for healthcare workers (including N-95 masks, homemade masks, exam gloves and face shields)
- volunteering to sew masks
- donate to a local COVID-19 community response fund to help increase testing and provide medical supplies
- volunteering for healthcare support (if you have a background in healthcare)
- give blood
- donate to help feed our healthcare workers
- donate to help vulnerable populations in Utah
- donate to support impacted workers (such as food service, first responders) and local small businesses (such as local theaters, game stores etc)

You can find links to these and more below: - make sure to check these are all in UT

Of course this list is not exhaustive.  If you want to suggest others or add any relevant causes of your own, please do add them as comments on the UDEN homepage.


For the past two months, we have been keeping the UDEN homepage up to date with the latest on resources to help those in the UDEN community during this time, including updates on loans and assistance. Please do visit and let us know of any additional sites or resources you think would be helpful for our community.

I hope our next newsletter finds the world, our country, our state and our community in a better place. But until we're there, please do follow the latest medical advice, if not for your own sake, for others. I thought about listing the latest advice here, but honestly, WE ALL KNOW IT BY NOW!  Perhaps the only one I might suggest: 

  • Wear pants when video conferencing, just in case :-)

Wishing you all health and sanity. If there is anything that team UDEN can do to help you through this crisis, please don't hesitate to reach out.


     - Jon Dean

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