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Welcome to March!  In this month's newsletter, we share details of the treasure trove of resources available to you via our YouTube channel, introduce Niantic's developer contest with $1M prize pool, announce UDEN's next meeting and highlight upcoming events this month! Read on! 

We really enjoyed UDEN #21 two days ago at the Game Tyrant Gaming Center and would like to thank everyone that attended for their support, as well as the exhibitors and, of course, our friends at Game Tyrant for hosting us.  We'll post video of the event soon on our YouTube channel.

This makes for a timely reminder; you know, we have filmed almost all of our events since we began four years ago, and they are gradually becoming a useful treasure trove of information and contacts you can use as a resource for your work; a collection of panels, keynotes and presentations from local industry leaders and experts on a broad range of topics that are educational and informative about key skills, local service companies, international and local issues affecting our sector.  Below are a few highlights for you - but do check out the complete channel for so much more:   



Think Local, Hire Local - Utah Resources and Talent You Can Work With:


Awards and Competitions:

Business Development



As we discussed at UDEN #21 this week, Niantic contacted us to ask if any Utah creators would be interested in taking part in their Beyond Reality Developer Contest.  If you are, there is a prize pool of more than $1M dollars! The goal is for you to create an impactful geospatial Augmented Reality play experience with the Niantic Real World Platform – meaning you would be using their engine to create an app that uses the player's location in the real-world and combining augmented reality elements.

To participate, you need to be a team of at least five developers with Unity and Java Server experience.  You need to complete an application form, including your team members names and experience, plus you’ll need to include a 5 minute video introducing your team.  Also a product design brief, including core geospatial loop – eg how you’ll use the tenants of their AR platform.

You have until the end of this month to enter -- March 2019 -- after which time Niantic will choose 10 semi-finalists. Some of the prize funds will then be available to those finalists to build a working demo of their project, up to $50K.  You'll travel to meet with Niantic in San Francisco and begin work on your project. There are set milestones you have to deliver against, including a polished game demo by end of September 2019.  After you submit your final demo, Niantic will choose 3 wining teams. The winning team get $300K, 2nd and 3rd place get $100K each.

This is a great example of how you might get a project funded, and potentially even a publishing contract. There are a lot of rules and conditions to be aware of, so if this is of interest to you, go to the Niantic link here and get started. 

And good luck! Wouldn’t it be great if a team from Utah was a finalist? We definitely have the talent and the creativity.

SAVE THE DATE! - UDEN #22 - April 24th

In keeping with our plan to hold more meetings this year, we're already planning the next UDEN meeting. Full details are coming but for now, RSVP here and save the date!  It will be the usual networking mixer with Utah's finest creators of entertainment content and technology as well as whatever else we can come up with between now and then!


If you would like to sponsor this event, or host UDEN, please do get in contact! Email [email protected].

Keep an eye on our TwitterInstagram and Facebook feeds for announcements!


Don't forget! The UDEN website contains links to lots of upcoming events that are of interest to the digital entertainment community here in Utah, so please do check them out - here:  

REMEMBER: if you have an upcoming event you would like to share with UDEN members, you can add it to our website for FREE on the same page!


From all of us at UDEN, our thanks for your continued support,

     - Jon Dean

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