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This is the March 21 update!

Happy March day!  We're celebrating that the pandemic numbers are, at last, starting to trend in the right direction in Utah!  While the most populous counties in the State still have very high rates of transmission - so we need to remain vigilant - it is good to see a small shimmer of light after a year of depressing news, and results from all of the sacrifices that have been made.  None more so that our tremendous health care workers and others on the front line who put themselves at risk, including shop workers, delivery people, carers and teachers. It is thanks to them all that some kind of normalcy will return and we need to make sure we don't forget that.  Let's be clear - we aren't there yet, and the UDEN homepage continues to have links to the latest information about transmission levels across the state, vaccines, eligibility, testing, financial aid and more.


At the end of this month we're holding our first UDEN meeting for over a year. UDEN #26 kicks off at 6pm MT on March 25th, a virtual event for up to 100 people on video or call-in. RSVP here - When you RSVP you will be sent the link to join

We are thinking it will be helpful to hear from everyone about how the pandemic has affected the creators of entertainment content and technology. What changes has it meant for you? How have you adapted? What is working for you? What challenges do you still face? How have the various relief packages worked out for you?  Are you vaccinated yet? Also, we would like to hear about any projects you worked on during the last year - what have we all been up to?

It should be fun catching up with everyone and just hearing how we have all coped!

We miss you guys and look forward to seeing you at UDEN #26! 


- Jon Dean

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