Inventor, Investor, and Entrepreneur with 219 business ideas and counting.

Founded Exponential Investing: An incubator idea lab dedicated to investing in exponential technologies and ushering in the singularity. Founder of Bitcoin Investing Group: Borrows money and strategically positions it inside banks around the world in order to arbitrage the bitcoin market, with average returns of 30% APR since 2013. Founder of Aerial Genesis: A high altitude wind turbine. It uses large balloons tethered up to a thousand feet in the sky to convert wind into usable electricity. Built with far less material than a traditional wind turbine tower, it can go higher and harvest more wind, at 1/3rd the cost of any other wind turbine ever created. Project 8: A top secret moon shot that is currently on the drawing board. When it comes to exponential technologies, timing is everything. Given the proper funding and resources, our projected launch date is around 2017. Contact me and help us build the future.

Justin Burns