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Our company is committed to being trusted voices of light and truth reaching hundreds of millions of people worldwide.

The Jr. Machine Learning Engineer uses statistics, programming and machine learning techniques to analyze product, revenue, advertising, social and sales data to discover, predict, communicate and create opportunities for operational and product improvement. This person will be a key member of the Data Analytics department, which works across all product teams within Deseret Digital Media, including KSL Classifieds, KSL Cars, KSL Homes, KSL Jobs, and KSL.com News. This person will create and maintain user-facing tools on KSL.com that leverage machine learning to improve the user experience for buyers and sellers on KSL.com's digital marketplace.

Duties of this position
• Design, build and maintain ML-based solutions to improve user experience, product features, client solutions and business revenue such as:
• Content recommendation and classification for KSL News KSL Classifieds.
• Automated moderation of user generated content using NLP, computer vision, anomaly detection, etc.
• Create and maintain data pipelines to aggregate data from internal and external sources into a data lake
• Produce accurate work and meet assigned deadlines

Requ Ired Qualifications
• 3+ years professional experience as a Data Scientist or Software Engineer
• Expert in Machine Learning theory & techniques
• Programming experience, Python is preferred.
• Familiarity with statistical methods, e.g. regression, modeling, program measurement, time series, distribution analysis, correlation and multivariate testing
• Experience in cloud-based data management and analysis environment (Google Cloud Platform)

Preferred Experience
• Python
• Git
• Docker
• Experience with Google Cloud Platform
• BigQuery
• Google Cloud Storage
• Google Cloud Composer
• Cloud Functions
• AI Platform

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