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Unity Engineer | React VRX

Send resumes to:

Working with top tier clients, React VRX specializes in merging the real and virtual worlds via Augmented and Virtual Reality.  Our focus is on mobile projects that change the way people interact, shop, heal, and have fun.  We are looking for an experienced Unity Engineer that has several quality mobile titles under their belt and a passion for creating things that have never been imagined before!

As part of our small team, you'll work with world-class clients and the best, most valuable IP in the world.  You'll have the chance to work on many different parts of each project including all aspects of Unity programming, ARkit and ARcore, low-level programming work, creating APIs, SDKs and integrating with hardware as well as regular game design and development.

So, if you've got at least 2-3 years experience with Unity, iOS and Android...and love to be challenged, send us your resume.  We are looking for either a contractor or full-time employee.  Work from home or join us in the office, we're flexible.

Thank you,

The VRX Team

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Contract Animator - Spark XR

3D Animator (contract leading to potential full-time)

Want to be on the cutting edge of VR-based entertainment?  Have a desire to create immersive new worlds and then breathe life into them?  Interested in giving a voice to unique and original creatures in a virtual landscape?  Interested in ‘teleportation’?  If so, Spark XR may be just the right place for you.

You may not have heard of us, but Spark XR was founded by games industry legends and you definitely know the games we made prior to starting this company! We’re working on some incredible new technologies that fuse leading edge design, hardware and software to create a next-generation VR location-based experience for shopping malls, arcades, clubs, events, promotions, museum installations and more.

Click to read more!

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Influencer Marketing Coordinator | Branded Entertainment Network

Campaign Management Provo, Utah - Reason for Posting on UDEN: Entertainment/gaming experience preferred

Apply Here

Click for more details

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Character Modeler | Epic Games

Apply here

Epic Games Salt Lake City is searching for an experienced Character Modeler to collaborate with the art team of Fortnite and other titles. In this role, you will create awesome, top-quality character models in Unreal Engine 4 and push the quality of visual effects while being a solid communicator and team player. 


  • Creating characters, enemies, and weapons based on concept art or reference photos

  • Collaborating with the art director and concept artists to set the visual style and quality bar

  • Ability to build clean, highly animate-able topology

  • Ability to give and receive feedback with concept artists and character artists

  • Forward thinking and have the ability to help the team refine technical pipelines to continue to push the boundaries of real-time character performance



  • Must have a strong reel/portfolio showing executed game character modeling work, and at least one shipped title

  • Ability to create believable characters that are full of life and personality

  • Ability to create high-poly and low-poly models as well as textures

  • Intimate knowledge of human anatomy and form

  • The ability to adapt to and innovate new styles and techniques

  • Strong organic modeling skills (human faces, clothing, believable creatures)

  • Strong hard-surface modeling skills (armor, weapons)

  • Knowledge of major 3D software packages (Maya, Max, or Modo, and ZBrush)

  • Experience painting textures in Photoshop, from hand or based on texture reference

  • Experience tuning (or creating) surface shaders for real-time rendered characters

  • Experience with skin weighting, rigging, and animation 

  • Experience with stylized art is a plus

  • Strong problem-solving skills and a passion for cutting-edge game development 

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills

  • Ability to interact with a variety of developers in a tight-knit team


If you’d like to be part of building a visually stunning game we’d love to hear from you. Please submit your resume with a portfolio.

This is going to be Epic!

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Technical Artist (Contractor) - Parallel Plaid

Technical Artist (Contract)

Parallel Plaid is a different games studio. We’re small by design. We’re independent. Ambitious. Funded. We have a huge passion for building unique and beautiful games of our own design. We may be relatively new, but we are ready to take the games industry by storm.
We’ve spent the last few months designing and building a strong mobile title, and we’re looking for a Technical Artist to help polish the game for release. We need someone who is passionate about working in a startup, is an avid gamer, and wants to build the best game experience in the industry.

We’re looking for that rare combination of artist and technical wizard — someone who possesses a strong artistic vision, but also the skills to solve complex technical challenges within our tools and game engine. You’ll be responsible for helping optimize art team content, building and optimizing shaders, and solving technical issues related to art production. You’ll build particle effects, lighting, and art pipelines as you work closely with Art Production, Design, and Engineering teams. You’ll be the only Technical Artist on our team - so the world is your oyster. We can’t wait to have you on board.

Job Responsibilities

* Create visually stunning particle effects within our game’s defined style
* Work closely with artists, animators, designers, and programmers to implement effects
* Build, test, and optimize shaders as necessary
* Build and improve art pipelines and tools
* Optimize art assets for general release
* Provide creative input to assigned tasks through clear, effective communication


* 2+ years experience in game industry with at least 1 major release or strong demo reel
* Strong knowledge and experience with Unity and Maya
* Basic abilities in C# and other languages necessary to build tools pipelines
* Excellent communication and problem solving skills
* Highly organized and self-directed
* Passion for playing games
* Desire to work in a small startup that requires everyone to wear multiple hats

Apply by sending resume to

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Studio Director - Parallel Plaid

Studio Director (FTE)

Parallel Plaid is a different games studio. We’re small by design. We’re independent. Ambitious. Funded. We have a huge passion for building unique and beautiful games of our own design. We may be relatively new, but we are ready to take the games industry by storm.
We’ve spent the last few months designing and building a strong mobile title, and we’re looking for a Studio Director to drive the game and our future endeavors to success. We need someone who is passionate about working in a startup, is an avid gamer, and wants to build an amazing company culture worthy of the best talent in the industry.

As Studio Director, you will lead the entire team as we build our game. You will drive the production schedules for art, design, and engineering. You’ll work with the CEO on the creative direction of the game, its business model, and go-to-market plan. You will be in charge of daily/weekly/monthly goals, building proper communication, and developing office culture as we work together. You will be the lead go-to person in the office for everything related to the current game in progress.

We can’t wait to have you on board.

Job Responsibilities
* Drive the direction of development schedules, product scope, and business goals for the company, its current game, and future plans
* Work with the CEO to make major product and company direction decisions
* Manage art, design, and engineering teams to plan and achieve product goals and milestones
* Manage sub-contactors as necessary for product development
* Help build a strong company culture around hitting major goals while having fun in the office and maintaining a healthy work/life balance
* Actively build and participate in community built around Parallel Plaid’s products
* Be point for company when CEO is out of office

* Bachelor’s degree in related field
* 5+ years of game production experience, preferably mobile and free-to-play
* Successfully launched at least one live game on a major platform
* Strong understanding of the games industry, its business models, and a vision for how a company fits in the industry
* Strong communication and team-building skills
* Highly organized and self-directed
* Passion for playing games
* Desire to work in a small startup that requires everyone to wear multiple hats

* Experience working in Unity and/or Photon
* Experience building multiplayer and/or mid-core games
* Previous experience as Studio Lead

Apply by sending resume to

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Volunteer: high-end VR experience needed for Utah Recreational Therapy Conference

Volunteer needed to provide a high-end ( Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, or similar ) presentation to attendees at the Utah Recreational Therapy Conference.  No pay.  This is an opportunity to introduce professionals to the immersive realms of virtual reality and other immersive concepts.  The low-end VR volunteer is already in place.  The evening of Thursday, March 28, 2019 at the Provo Marriott.  Please contact Ronald Tolley, 480-285-6281,

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Production Coordinator - Animated Content: Deeproot Creative Studios

Deeproot Creative Studios is seeking a Production Coordinator to work on animated content and pinball! We are a fully staffed and rapidly growing creative studio creating animated content for games and other media.


Must be organized and have a general knowledge of CG pipelines. Even better if you know (but not required):



-google suite of apps (sheets, docs, etc)



Must be great at details, deadlines, and schedules! Great benefits! Full time! Fun! 


Please email a resume to

 We’re located in Sandy, Utah.

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Technical Artist | Strange Reptile

Apply here.

Strange Reptile is looking for a Technical Artist who will work closely with the content team to implement tools and pipelines and ensure that assets satisfy technical, visual, and performance needs.

Skills & Requirements

  • Strong Unreal experience (Blueprints, materials, etc)
  • Experience building pipelines + assets that support both technical and artistic requirements
  • Comfortable working and communicating across multiple disciplines/roles: artists, engineers, production
  • Deep understanding of asset optimization challenges/techniques
  • Scripting experience with Python to create tools and facilitate content creation processes
  • Positive, solution-orientated individual with a passion for game development
  • High degree of self-motivation and initiative
  • Previously shipped AAA PC or console titles in an equivalent role
  • Experience with Maya
  • Passion and constant drive to stay up to date with latest technology and new techniques
  • Willing to relocate to Salt Lake City, Utah, USA


  • Experience using Substance Designer / Painter
  • Shader/material development experience
  • Experience with rigging/skinning
  • Comfortable contributing across multiple disciplines (modeling, tools, VFX, UI, etc)
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Software Engineer | Strange Reptile

Apply here.


  • Design and implement well-engineered, reliable, maintainable, and bug-free code
  • Collaborate with team members to develop various gameplay systems
  • Develop and test code, fix bugs, and profile and optimize code as directed
  • Follow best practices, development processes, and coding standards
  • Document and peer review technical designs with other software engineers
  • Work with QA, providing information needed to fully test developed code
  • Provide support to internal customers for developed software
  • Keep up to date on state-of-the-art software engineering methods, practices, and technologies
  • Communicate with other team members, internal customers, and when required external customers to determine requirements
  • Work well together with other team members in a cooperative, cross-disciplinary team environment
  • Identify technical and developmental risks/obstacles and generate solutions to overcome identified risks
  • Possess and develop areas of engineering expertise
  • Mentor other engineers as needed to increase their abilities and productivity



  • BS degree in Computer Science or related field, or equivalent experience
  • Strong C++ programming skills
  • A passion for making and playing games
  • Work well in a cooperative environment
  • Solid math skills in relevant areas: 3D math, linear algebra, quaternions, etc
  • Experience programming game features and systems, especially player-visible game features
  • Strong multi-threaded programming skills
  • Willing to relocate to Salt Lake City, Utah, USA




  • Shipped at least one title (game or interactive experience)
  • Deep experience with Unreal Engine
  • Academic research in a related field: graphics/rendering, AI, machine learning, robotics, physics, optimization, etc
  • VR/AR experience
  • Familiar with DevOps technology and administration: automated builds, revision control, etc
  • Expertise in other languages: C#, HLSL/GLSL, Python, bash or Powershell scripting


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Contract - Full-Time Programmer | Wahoo Studios / NinjaBee

Wahoo Studios / NinjaBee is looking for a full-time contract programmer for two months, with the potential for more.  

Our active projects are based in Unreal (C++) and HTML5 (JavaScript).  Experience in both areas is ideal (especially experience with Unreal on Xbox One), but not strictly necessary if you have a few years of programming experience in other areas.

We’re a distributed team of 10 people - we all work from home, chat online, and do regular video calls.  We’re flexible with schedules, and we’re nice friendly people.

If you’re interested, please contact us at

If you know somebody else who might be interested, please pass this info along!


-- Steve Taylor


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Zend Plugin Developer - 2+ month contract, remote

This is a 2+ month contract, remote position for Zynga Central Tech team.

Job Description - Contractor

Duration: Project term, 2+ months.

We are soliciting candidates for a project to develop a Zend Plugin for PHP 7.


Experience developing C applications in a Linux environment (x86-64).

Experience with native C memory management, debugging with GDB, tracking down memory allocation and buffer overflow problems.

PHP Web Application development experience.
Good documentation skills.
Prior experience developing Zend 2/3 Extensions using C for use with PHP 7. Experience with development for high performance large scale cloud applications.

Experience developing storage applications. Familiarity with Elasticache, Memcached, Couchbase, etc.


Please send your resume to Nikki Rohm (  We'd love to hear from you.  


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Sound FX Artist/Engineer - Parallel Plaid

Salt Lake City, Full Time (Contractor)

Bring life to our new mobile game through sound.

Apply by sending resume to

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3D Game Animator and Character Rigger - Parallel Plaid

Salt Lake City, Full Time (Contractor)

Bring life and motion to the characters in our mobile game. 

Apply by sending resume to

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Graduate Talent Available

Greetings all! Neumont College of Computer Science as 60+ seniors graduating at the end of August. If you're looking for some great junior tech talent, please check out our quarterly Resume Books that include resumes of these soon-to-be graduates. 

Click to see more details or contact Britta Nelson 801-302-2805,


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Seasoned Unity Developer - React Games

Contract position working at our site in Midvale, UT. Starting time is immediate and will last for 1 to 2 months.
Please send resume to ''.  
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Post Production Supervisor, Boncom (formerly Bonneville Communications)

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Video Editor, Boncom (formerly Bonneville Communications)

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Graphics Engineer, Avalanche Software (a division of Warner Brothers Games Inc)

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SLCC Assistant Professor, Computer Science

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SLCC Assistant Professor, Computer Programming

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Associate Producer - Part-time

PART TIME JOB OPENING is a new digital channel dedicated to heartland millennials.

Looking for associate producer/social media that can find new content, talent, and help produce original videos. Self-starter (social media/ talent background a plus).

Knows how to chase down talent/content to populate an aggregate channel.  Based out of SLC part time for two months.

Apply: Please send resumes to Pay would be hourly $15 per hour.

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Digital Content Creation Artist

Eclipse Tech LLC


The ECLIPSE TEAM is looking for a digital content creation artist currently doing visual special effects (VFX) or similar as a professional or student.  He or she will be working closely in their studio or home with one of our elite engineers to develop the framework for our third-generation prototype, BETA testing, and creating a minimum viable product (MVP). Details below.

Apply: email

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Contract Web Frontend and Backend Software Engineers

Redmer Productions

Emphasis on Full-Stack Development

We are looking for a few self-motivated software engineers to contribute to a series of very exciting projects involving several fortune 500 companies and over 50 top-tier universities. 

Applicants need to be independent contractors that are able to work from home or other locations of your choice without direct supervision.  Approximately 30 to 40 hours per week over the next six months that could lead to significantly more contract assignments or employment if desired.

More details below. Apply here: email

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Contract work- Small Project for Educational materials

Our company provides support to organizations developing online and educational training materials for professionals and public servants. We are looking for a game developer who can do occasional projects as a work-for-hire contractor as the need arises. Moonlighters are encouraged to apply. 


One of our customers has been providing training to first responders. They have a product that has been shown to reduce accidents caused by emergency vehicles by 80%.


We want to replace simulations in their current course with new simulations that will incorporate web-based game technology. We are looking for students to help us with the development of some simulations that will be accessible online and incorporated into our learning systems.  They will be very simple games,but will require some 3d modeling of city streets and buildings.





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Lead Games Developer, Mobile and VR - RED, Salt Lake City

APPLY: To learn if your background aligns with our needs, please email your resume as an attachment and your cover letter and salary requirements in the body of the email.

RED Interactive Agency is seeking a dynamic, hands on Lead Games Developer to join our Salt Lake City office.  This person will oversee the development and integration of our mobile and VR game applications. 


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CHARACTER TECHNICAL DESIGN, Associate Rigger, Warner Bros

Full details - here:  CHARACTER TECHNICAL DESIGN Associate Rigger


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Marketing Director - WildWorks

Reporting to the CEO and partnering with game Directors and EVP of Product Development, the Executive Director of Marketing leads a crucial component of this energetic and exciting company. You will work on properties that have been embraced by over 90 million kids worldwide, and help us grow them into enduring, worthwhile, treasured institutions of childhood.

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Engineering Intern (Temp), WarnerBros Salt Lake City, UT

APPLY: Engineering Intern (Temp), WarnerBros

Avalanche a division of WB Games Inc., is looking for Video Game Engineer Interns with a passion for video games and game development. The ideal candidate will be self-motivated, capable of learning quickly and will have the opportunity to gain first-hand experience working on a AAA game with professional developers at a major publisher. 


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Adjunct Instructor - ZBRUSH Game Modeling III, Broadview University

APPLY HERE: Adjunct Instructor- ZBRUSH Game Modeling III (44069) Broadview University-Salt Lake City - Salt Lake City, UT

This individual needs to have expert knowledge and professional experience with all the intricacies of digital sculpting, 3D modeling, and character design.

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