Happy New Year and So Much More!

Welcome to a new newsletter, start of a new year, start of a new decade, new opportunities ahead!  This month, reminder to get your tickets for UDEN #25 and to help us create a comprehensive resource directory for our community. Read on!

The big question as we start this new decade is... um... is this actually the start of a new decade? Or is that still 12 months away?  Do we really care? Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the holidays and are as excited as we are about the prospects for this new year ahead.  So much to look forward to and already January is off to a great start -- coming right up is the Sundance Film Festival, as well as the Silicon Slopes' Tech Summit, including Silicon Arcade, Gaming Night and, of course, the first UDEN meetup of 2020, UDEN #25. If you haven't gotten your tickets yet, you really should. We have some great member discounts for both #SSTS20 and UDEN #25 if you act quickly.



One of UDEN's goals for this year will be to beef up the website and make it a more useful resource for our members. And for this, we're going to ask for your help: We're creating a directory of all of the digital entertainment companies operating in Utah.  This should make it easier to connect with those companies, whether that be people outside Utah looking to do business here, investors looking for opportunities or people here looking for work. It's not just games and film making, it's everything between and around that make up the eco-system, including audio providers, VFX, writers, educational establishments, VR/AR/XR, advertisers, investors etc.

Here is where you can help right now: If you run a company, or if you work at a company in digital entertainment, please complete this form and it will populate your business in the directory. Here: utahden.org/dir (I took the liberty of adding a few already to get us started, so if you're among them, please check its correct and add any additional info you would like.  If you're not in the list, go ahead and fix that right now!).


As for the rest of the website, many of you may not even realize just what is already there, so here is a quick reminder; be sure to check out these pages:-

- Blogs - have your say whenever you want about the digital entertainment biz here or elsewhere;
- Jobs Board - please post open jobs here, or look here if you're seeking a new challenge;
- Upcoming Events - our most popular page, digital entertainment events in the State
- Member directories - more than 1000 people have registered as a UDEN member!
- Join UDEN - you can register for free and include your bio here
- Startup Resources - a guide on how to start a digital entertainment business here in Utah


Silicon Slopes is offering an incredible opportunity for a few UDEN members to show their products and services to the world for two days at Slopes Arcade.  That's right - a free booth!  You just need to turn up with your equipment, signage, handouts and you!  To take advantage of this generous offer, you'll need to create a compelling pitch and submit it to Silicon Slopes as soon as possible!  Here is what you need to do:

  • Create a short video for Silicon Slopes, explaining who you are, what your product is, what you would show and how you would present it at Slopes Arcade
  • Create a short written pitch as well, including links to relevant materials, as necessary
  • Include your name, address, website and phone number in your written pitch
  • Make sure to explain what the opportunity to showcase your work at Slopes Arcade would do for your business
  • Email your written pitch (including the link to your video), using this link 

If you would otherwise like to exhibit as part of Slopes Arcade, you should email Silicon Slopes to discuss booth space or sponsorship opportunities for this great event!  


As always, there are many more events coming up that are of interest to UDEN members and you can see details of them all right here: https://www.utahden.org/upevents   I look forward to seeing you at a few of them!


Our appeal last month for more job listings has resulted in some fresh posts! Let's not let them get lonely!  If you, or your company, has open positions, please post them on the jobs board.  We can make this a useful resource for our community, but only with your help. Here: https://www.utahden.org/jobs_board


I'm looking forward to seeing you at UDEN #25 at the end of this month! HNY!


     - Jon Dean

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