Introduction to Game Design

This short course a journey into the practice of game design.

About this Event

An exploration of games and playful content which leads you to learn how games are made and how to deliver powerful meaning through games and playful experiences. Let's make games together.

Through this course, you will develop the skills for designing and making your own games. The focus is on developing a design thinking practice that can be applied to any kind of game or playful content, be it board games, digital games, art installations, or any kind of interactive media.

During the course we will explore the practice of game design and the theory connected to it. The course is meant for you to start developing your personal style of design and to teach you how to critically analyse games and how small details can greatly influence the way a game is played and perceived.

We will explore the meaning of games and study how games create meaning through their mechanics. We will look at games as small worlds with their own language and explore how that language is created and maintained by the game designer.

The course will also go past the normal preconceptions about games (especially digital games) and provide a retrospective of creators who are working on more personal, deep games. We will analyse games that deal with the human condition and try to understand how to deconstruct our feelings to build our own.

No coding experience is required: the game we will create are platform independent. You will be able to work with all sorts of games and the course will provide you with some free tools that are accessible for people that are just starting.

At the end of the course, you will have produced some small games but more importantly, you will have established your personal vision of game design which then you will be able to apply to any kind of interactive content.

September 30, 2020 at 11:30am - 2:30pm
London, England
United Kingdom
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