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Learn about the power of spatial audio and Envelop for Live from a pioneer in the field.

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Envelop's free and open-source software, Envelop for Live (E4L), allows artists to bring their music into three-dimensional space easier than it's ever been. This workshop shows you how to use E4L to create immersive music for multichannel spaces and headphones. Christopher Willits teaches this workshop, a pioneering musician, artist, and educator with over two decades of experience teaching audio production. If you want to get a headstart, download Envelop for Live, and the documentation for free before this workshop.


Intro to spatial audio / E4L setup / Use E4L to pan sounds in Envelop / DIY spatial audio solutions

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Envelop Stream is an online listening space that shares live-streamed spatial audio events. Reflecting Envelop’s physical immersive audio venues, it hosts live performances, album listenings, and workshops that unite and inspire. Using Envelop’s spatial audio technology with standard headphones, Envelop Stream creates a three-dimensional experience of sound that transcends any location. Envelop members receive all of Envelop Stream’s regular programming, and their community support allows the nonprofit to also host occasional pay-what-you-want live-streamed events to a broader international community of listeners.

Envelop’s mission is to unite humanity through profound communal listening experiences. We achieve our mission through community-supported immersive listening spaces, inspiring events, educational workshops, and free spatial audio software tools.

Our immersive audio venues provide a space to deeply listen together. We host events ranging from live performances and listening events, to wellness experiences and immersive audio education featuring Envelop for Live our open-source spatial audio production toolkit. With listening spaces in San Francisco, and Salt Lake City, a Pop-up space that can go anywhere, and an online listening portal, Envelop strives to share the social and emotional benefits of immersive listening with diverse communities. Envelop leads the future of immersive listening, bringing us back to our ancestral connection to sound, and enjoying the benefits of listening together.

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June 04, 2020 at 7:45pm - 10:45pm
Online Event
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