UDEN #10 - Meeting Recap - Prof. Roger Altizer

 UDEN's 10th membership meeting kicked off at the incredible surrounding of Utah's Natural History Museum.  


The evening was generously sponsored by the Entertainment Arts & Engineering Master Game Studio at the University of Utah (big thanks to Prof. Bob Kessler and Corrinne Lewis!), including some terrific food supplied by Le Croissant.  

My full report is at my website as I haven'y yet figured out how to add a photo gallery here! http://www.guv1.com/jonblogs/2016/4/21/uden-10-meeting-recap

Also remember that we have our own YT channel that has a bunch of the prior meetings on there - we'll get the last couple added as soon as we have some time to finish the edits!  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-XWK4K26AcqLclt458E9xw

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