March Newsletter

First of all - how come I'm pretty much the only person posting anything on here?  Why not write something to make it more interesting for our community? Go on, you know you want to.

Secondly - welcome to our March newsletter, which gets sent out by email to all registered members. This month we look at our campaign THINK LOCAL. HIRE LOCAL. SUPPORT LOCAL.


Our campaign, THINK LOCAL HIRE LOCAL. SUPPORT LOCAL, began because we frequently hear from Utah companies in the UDEN sector that they hired out of state contractors for a project, or recruited from out of state, because they couldn’t find what they were looking for here in Utah. At the same time, we know of too many instances where people in the UDEN community who would prefer to live and work here end up leaving the state because they can’t find work. Somehow these 'dots' aren’t connecting. For every 'dot' that does, it makes a difference to the economic growth of our sector and is a step forward.  What can you do to help? I'm glad you asked! :-)

The UDEN website can be a useful resource. We have a Jobs Board - as well as a Resource Directory, listing local UDEN service providers -  These pages are an attempt to help connect work with those that can do it, and to keep it within the state if possible. Plus we have an Events page - - that lists events of interest to members of the UDEN community. Through these events we can share our respective sets of expertise and find fellow collaborators, as well as potential future employees.

Our pages are managed by some terrific volunteers who scour the internet for local jobs (Doug) and events (Joshua).  Please make sure their work is not in vain by making use of these pages!


So, next time you are looking for a job - THINK LOCAL. Check out the UDEN Jobs Board. You may not find the job you need, but many people have been pleasantly surprised to find their next gig on there. It’s free!

Next time you are looking to hire new people - HIRE LOCAL. Post your job opening on the UDEN Jobs Board. If you don't do that for your company, please advocate for us and tell whoever recruits for you to start doing it. Again, it’s free!


If you want to connect with local people that are in your industry - THINK LOCAL. Check out the Upcoming Events page on the UDEN website and support your fellow industry workers. If you are hosting an event that might be of interest to UDEN members, post it on the upcoming events page - it’s free!


If you are looking for a skilled contractor, whether that be a programmer, artist, producer, VFX editor, sound composer, or anything - HIRE LOCAL. Look at the UDEN Resources Directory of digital entertainment creators in Utah and see if you can find what you need there.  It's organized by category to make it easier to find what you are looking for.  If you are looking for new clients, make sure to add yourself to this UDEN resources directory. It’s free!

Thank you, as always, for your help and support. You can make a difference. Together we make the difference.

Have a great March!


     - Jon Dean

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