February Newsletter

2020 got off to a great start for us with UDEN #25 at the Silicon Slopes Tech Summit.  Read our recap in this post, as well as this month's latest news!

It was a delight to reconnect with so many of you in person at last week’s UDEN #25 meeting, at our booth In Slopes Arcade and during the entertainment track at the Silicon Slopes Tech Summit. Check-out our recap, here: UDEN#25.


I thoroughly enjoyed it and hopefully this will become an annual fixture on the UDEN calendar. It was also great to see so many of you during Sundance. We would like to say a special thanks to our organizing committee that helped us in the planning and to the volunteers that helped us during these events. And a big special thanks to Silicon Slopes for embracing our digital entertainment community so warmly!

At the Tech Summit, we were able to tell the wider tech community about UDEN's mission and the great work being done here in Utah by you, our fabulous members!  We also welcomed a bunch of brand new members who weren't aware that we existed.  Refreshingly, several people wanted to volunteer and help in some way, asking what they could do.  It's a question we get a lot, so if you're wondering how you can help but you don't have much time, please read this.

As we look forward to the year ahead, our focus is going to be less on meetings and more about bigger initiatives. We will still hold meetings but these will be opportunistic based on getting speakers and sponsors. We really would like to see traction on the apprenticeship program in the coming year.


We had a terrific response to our request for UDEN members to add their details to our new directory listing on the website.  It is part of our goal to beef up the website and make it a more useful resource for our members. The goal of the directory is to create a list of all of the digital entertainment companies operating in Utah, making it easier to connect with those companies, whether that be people outside Utah looking to do business here, investors looking for opportunities or people here looking for work. It's not just games and film making, it's everything between and around that make up the ecosystem, including audio providers, VFX, writers, educational establishments, VR/AR/XR, advertisers, investors etc.  So, if you run a company, or if you work at a company in digital entertainment and you have not yet added yourselves to our directory, please complete this form and it will populate your business in the directory. Here: utahden.org/dir (I took the liberty of adding a few already to get us started, so if you're among them, please check its correct and add any additional info you would like.  If you're not in the list, go ahead and fix that right now!).


As for the rest of the website, here is a quick reminder of what you can find up there, so be sure to check out these pages:-

- Blogs - have your say whenever you want about the digital entertainment biz here or elsewhere;
- Jobs Board - please post open jobs here, or look here if you're seeking a new challenge;
- Upcoming Events - our most popular page, digital entertainment events in the State
- Member directories - more than 1000 people have registered as a UDEN member!
- Join UDEN - you can register for free and include your bio here
- Startup Resources - a guide on how to start a digital entertainment business here in Utah


Our appeal last month for more job listings has resulted in some fresh posts! Let's not let them get lonely!  If you, or your company, has open positions, please post them on the jobs board.  We can make this a useful resource for our community, but only with your help. Here: https://www.utahden.org/jobs_board

Have a great month!


     - Jon Dean

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