Is UDEN Dying

I surely hope not, since I just found put about this place. It can really be a great place to Network and find resources or just show off what you can do. I am not sure why the posts are so few and far between, with all the talent this state has there must be a way to get things really moving. So call the members into action and get others involved and collaborating. Let's make this place work because, I know, I need it. I was going to post about our movie screening but realized that there may not be anyone paying attention. So I am putting it out there.

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  • Josh Jones
    UDEN seems alive and well to me, I often recommend it to people who are looking for just this kind of thing.
  • Jon Dean
    Thanks Amelia. UDEN only works if the people we’re trying to bring together as a community actually want to participate as a community. In almost four years, our experience is that our regular meetings are popular but outside of the chance for regular networking, there doesn’t seem to be any passion from this community to actually do anything to help grow something bigger.

    We’re a non-profit run by volunteers and has proven really hard to get anyone to do anything… post blogs, post details of the events they’re putting on, post job openings (all of which can be done easily on this website or our social channels), collaborate with one another or even volunteer to help!

    Maybe we’re doing it all wrong? In which case, let’s have some new blood step forward with some new ideas and leadership. Or join our advisory board.

    We’re not giving up – at least yet.
  • Amelia Fairbourn
    Sorry about the spelling errors. Ugh!
  • Amelia Fairbourn