Discovery : Radical Presence : Spontaneous Action - Discussion / Q & A

An organic in-depth discussion offered toward solving longstanding "acting problem(s)" that remain at large, because they reside and abide within the confines of the individual artist. My goal with in this discussion is to attempt to expose, expand upon, and to discover, through ideation and communion, a better understanding of our instrument(the body, voice, imagination, emotion, avatar, etc) as well as exploring how, technichally, one might improve the player(the self,you,me,the actor/controller); to studiously breakdown the major aspects of "the game of acting" with the hope and promise of improving capacity for greater playbility, plyabilty, placticity, and pleasure.

The majority of my professional experince is as an actor in service to the narrative field of film, television, video games and animation so attendees can expect the majority of perspective stemming from there, and from within this current era of self-tapes, streaming sevices, and subsidized markets. There is a lot of fast-moving parts, and ther are as many opinions as there are people to form them, and that's, frankly, all I have to offer too... But, for whatever it's worth it is well-forged, and rooted in compassion and service... And I'm happy to discuss and answer any questions you might have toward my opinion. LIke the following opinion regarding "work(play):"

"The thing, the magic, that which blooms the rose - that spontaneous action: It's acting, it is Truly acting... Discovering the correct play only in the 'right now, now now.' That radical kind of presence has always worked and will always work just as it works the whole of nature and this whole planet. When one witnesses that familiarity they just say, 'wow, that kids a natural,' or better still, something in their own nature is awakened, and a connection is made. Connecting is the 'work' that has employed artists and actors for ages. And a 'working' actor works."

~ Charlie ca. 2019


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November 23, 2019 at 12:12pm - 3:12pm
Creative Guild Studio
2670 S 2000 E
Slc, UT 84109
United States
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