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The ECLIPSE TEAM is looking for a digital content creation artist currently doing visual special effects (VFX) or similar as a professional or student.  He or she will be working closely in their studio or home with one of our elite engineers to develop the framework for our third-generation prototype, BETA testing, and creating a minimum viable product (MVP). Details below.

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The job

The artist will be working with us on a very experimental cloud environment.  We will be looking to gather information on use cases and roles as a digital content creator; operating systems; software used; hardware and networking used; bottlenecks and inefficiencies; and changes you would like to see implemented.

Our objective is to recreate the artists existing environment in the cloud and identify and quantify improvements over what the artist currently has.  We will be consulting with the artist frequently during this process.  Our final objective is to have the artist use our system in parallel with their current system as a comparison and then move to a marketable subscription-based service.

The artist will receive stock options for their work.

About us:

Eclipse Tech, LLC (ECLIPSE) is a Utah-based provider of big data Solutions as a Service (SoaaS) using high-performance computing (HPC) and proprietary software for targeted industries. 

ECLIPSE Tech started with a question: how can technology improve the Digital Content Creation (DCC) for the entertainment industry?  Rendering and compositing (using animations, simulations and green screens) have come to dominate DCC.  Millions of compute hours and dollars are being used to produce motion pictures, animated productions video games, television content, and commercials.  Digital artists waste large amounts of their time waiting for computers to process data for each frame before returning the product to the artist for further work. Additionally, they spend 30-40% of their time managing software and hardware. Processing can take months to cycle, destroying artistic continuity, disrupting the lives of the employees, and costing excessive amounts of money for production. The Croods, a 90 minutes animated movie, required 80 million hours of computer processing time to complete.  That represents tens of millions of dollars of labor costs and processing time.

ECLIPSE’s platform and cloud-based service will provide flexible weekly and monthly rates to securely process and store the user’s DCC data…AND cover the user’s cost of:

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • IT and Software Management

While also providing:

  • Robust Military Grade Security
  • Scaling Processing and Storage Needs
  • Workstation Portability

ECLIPSE’s seasoned team of defense industry engineers and visual special effects (VFX) artists have solved the dilemma of economically offering HPC capabilities for the Digital Content Creation markets.  These markets include: Media, Entertainment, Architecture, Engineering, and Gaming.  

ECLIPSE has demonstrated its technology to economically maximize the utilization of a single Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) and reduce rendering times by as much as 35 times - saving money, time and providing continuity of the creative process…At 50% less than current costs to the user.

Our seasoned team:

Tom Mabey is the CEO and key founder of ECLIPSE.  He has 40 years of successful serial-entrepreneur experience in commercial construction (Sahara, Inc.) motorsports (Wilson Sahara Motorsports) and charitable foundations.  A professional engineer, Tom has built and directed teams to solve problems and build companies of substance ($100s millions revenue) in tune with client needs.

Larry Cox is the COO and co-founder of ECLIPSE.  He comes from the national defense and intelligence communities where he was a government intelligence officer then built spacecraft and ground systems at GE Aerospace, served on the U.S. House Intelligence Committee Staff, was a VP at Sarnoff Labs, President of Sygenex (high technology sensing and computing--sold to Lockheed Martin) (imaging and signals), then SVP at SAIC (built an $800M cybersecurity business).

Dennis Likes is the CTO of ECLIPSE.  He specializes in developing leading edge high-technology concepts and systems for commercial and governmental applications.  Dennis has had many senior management roles with Lockheed Martin including Global Security Solutions.

Additionally, ECLIPSE has 10 systems, software, communications and quality assurance engineers.  These engineers all come from national security program backgrounds.  They have worked as a team over ten years and have worked for Larry Cox as a team at two earlier companies.  They have delivered systems in the past that are like ECLIPSE’s new system today. 

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