Hive Ignite Thoughts #8 - 10

My final notes from Hive Ignite Week! #8 - #10

8. Design Responsibility

Design responsibility is thinking about the experience the audience members are going to have within whatever you are creating. If they expect something to happen within that environment, you have a responsibility to give that to them so they will feel safe and validated within that space. This will give them permission to keep coming back. Peter Jones and Anthony Ambriz both talked about this principle in the following terms: think about people, not product. Even though we are creating a product, we need to create it with the people we are making it for at the forefront of every decision. How are we treating our guests? Hopefully with as much respect and passion as we are the planning and project creation.

9. Conflict Drives Satisfaction

Dustin Hansen spoke about storytelling, and when asked what he feels is the most important part of a good story, he said it's conflict. The longer a conflict is drawn out with meaning – not just for the lols – the greater the satisfaction for the person who experienced it. So in video games it's the player. In books it's the reader. In music, it's the listener. In whatever you are doing, find the conflict, and figure out the best way you can highlight the meaning and thus the satisfaction behind it for all who are involved.

10. Growth can't Happen on Purpose Without a Plan

If you don't have a plan, you can't know how you're going to grow – as a person or as a business – and both are necessary for success. Jenjen Francis talked about the best practices to have when you create this plan. She related it specifically to seeking for investors, but even if you're not there yet a business plan will still benefit you now. It helps you to plan for predictability, and forces you to create clear expectations within your priorities. Start with writing out your core values if you haven't already. Write out your big dreams, and then break it down into manageable and measurable tasks. If you want a better idea how to do this, check out the UDEN page under the section Startup Resources. Or find a mentor to help you out with this! Or reach out to the network and community that you're building! Or find someone who wants to collaborate and you can work on a plan together!

All of these takeaways really fit together in a beautiful, harmonious way if you work for it. I can't wait to review all of the presentations on the UDEN YouTube channel when they are posted, because I know there is more to learn. But until then, each of us can start building up and reaching out wherever we are right now.

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