Hive Ignite Thoughts #4 - 7

More of my thoughts arising from Hive Ignite Week! #4 - #7

4. Networking Isn't About Sales, It's About Relationships

This brings up a great point about relationships. People aren't sales, people are people. As we view them as such instead of just a ring on the ladder, our network will gain power and value. Greg Jeffs talked about this strength increase happening as we reinforce the value of personal connections and networks in the region, not just within the company/firm/event. So if you're a composer, don't just network with other composers. If you're a programmer, don't just hang out with other programmers. If you want to create a network of relationships that you can rely on as you progress in your field (and life in general!) then start meeting people no matter their background, and support them in what they're doing. You'll probably get sales and make money as you do this, but at that point money is just a welcome side effect to the community you're building in your life.

5. Communication is Always the Key

When we are building this network and community, communication is how that happens. You can't get to know people, learn from them, or collaborate with them without communication. Nick Laing taught us the best way to do this: communicate based on their needs, not your needs. If all you're doing is talking about what you need, you're not going to be able to accomplish anything within the growing community of experts. And that's what UDEN is all about – building a community that allows us to help each other accomplish more than we could do by ourselves. So practice how you communicate – this includes how you listen as well.

6. Expectations are the Foundation of Success

...Or disappointment. This is another wonderful nougat that comes from Nick Laing. Without expectations that are communicated clearly, progress can't be maximized and disappointments will ensue. Now Nick and Jon Dean had a slight difference of opinion about whether expectations should be established ruthlessly or relentlessly, but they both agreed that they need to be set. If no one is doing it, then you set your expectations and let others know about them in clear terms so that there is at least some form of foundation for the work that you are wanting to accomplish together. So set ruthlessly clear expectations, relentlessly.

7. Consistency Builds Trust

In whatever field we are in, we are striving to build an audience, which we then hope will become fans who are loyal to our brand. This is done best through consistency. In a mathematical equation it would look like this: Consistency = Accountability + Integrity. The accountability comes in as we realize that everything we do we are doing for our audience – the videos, the content, the value, it's for them. So own up to that. The integrity is similar – if you say you're going to have this ready on this date at this time, make it happen. Allow your fans to rely on you by knowing when and where you will be present for them to interact with you. Thank you Chad Mustard for this wonderfully clear info. Pick a date, pick a time, make it happen every time!

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