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  • UDEN #23 - SLGC, Panel Discussion on Film and Videogames + Networking


    The next UDEN meeting is being sponsored by the 5th Annual Salt Lake Gaming Convention at the end of June.


    UDEN #23 will be held on Thursday evening June 27th during the 2019 Salt Lake Gaming Con at the Salt Palace in downtown Salt Lake City.


    The line-up for UDEN #23 includes:

    - PANEL DISCUSSION -- what can the film community learn from videogames and vice-versa;

    - JAKE WILLIAMS -- the founder of Salt Lake Gaming Con tells us how this Utah convention is breaking all records;

    - NETWORKING -- where you can meet and mingle with Utah's brightest and best creators of entertainment content and technology; plus

    - UDEN UPDATE -- the latest news and views affecting our community 

    Panel Discussion: What Can the Film Community Learn from Videogames and Vice-Versa?

    Meet the expert panel from Utah that will be discussing this excellent topic! It is shaping up to be a really interesting and thought provoking exchange of ideas and expertise. Not to be missed!

    Moderator: Alan Peterson


    Alan is an actor, writer, producer and director at Flying Leap Films. He works on commercials, industrial and web content as well as film.  His credits include:  Los Abandonados—The Tragic Murder of Albert Nisman, Wayne Quinton—Engineering LifeMarcel Duchamp—The Art of the PossibleTREK the movieHillary: The MovieHype: The Obama Effect and Avalanche.

    Panelist: Corrinne Lewis, MFA


    Corrinne is an Assistant Professor (Lecturer) and Undergraduate Director for the top-ranked Entertainment Arts & Engineering (EAE) program at the University of Utah, focused on video game development.  She is also a current board member for the Utah Digital Entertainment Network (UDEN), works with graduates in starting their independent video game careers and specializes in storytelling and narrative in games. 

    Panelist: Adam Abel


    Adam started his filmmaking career in 1994 at Paramount Pictures in the creative affairs group, while  studying at UVU and BYU. Upon graduation he started Go Films with friend and fellow filmmaker, Ryan Little. Go Films' first feature, Saints and Soldiers, drew attention and praise of critics and audiences alike; winning best picture in over fourteen film festivals around the world and nominated, twice, for the coveted Independent Spirit Awards.  Adam's later work includes Outlaw Trail, Forever Strong, Saints and Soldiers: Airborne Creed, Saints and Soldiers: The Void, Freetown and We Love You, Sally Carmichael. His emmy-award winning documentary work has included Larry Gelwix: No regrets, Joan of Arc, The Journey Home: Vietnam Veterans and Kirtland: Americas Sacred Ground.  

    Twitter: @adamabelfilms  Instagram: @gofilmsgo

    Panelist: Sean Forsgren


    Sean is CEO and co-Founder at Strange Reptile, a product leader focused on high performance teams delivering innovative, interactive products to market; on time and on budget. Has launched products for Glasses.com, Overstock.com, Reddit, and games for Electronic Arts and The VOID. Sean co-founded Strange Reptile with Aaron Murray, where their team is focused on game and VR development; they recently shipped Star Trek: Dark Remnant, and Men in Black: Galactic Getaway.  

    Panelist: Summer Thatcher


    Summer is a video production specialist, having served as one with the US Navy's Combat Camera Group. Currently, she produces content for a teen addiction recovery center and is producing a documentary on suicide prevention. When Summer recognized the disparities in social, physical, and mental health amongst the computer science and gaming demographics, she and her husband founded iTeam USA, a student career and technical organization focused on the holistic growth of students within those categories. In her mind, commonalities between video producers and programmers are not distant. Both are creators, creating 'worlds' that hadn't existed previously. Both, at their best, turn vision and inspiration into life-changing realities.

    Networking Plus:

    Of course we'll have our usual terrific networking opportunities later in the evening, so come prepared with your business cards or portfolio links and find your next great collaborator, client or contractor!


    To gain entrance, you MUST have registered for UDEN #23 (see 'Will you come?' below) as Salt Lake Gaming Con is a paid event.  You will be given a UDEN security pass which will allow you access to the UDEN meeting for free, but not the show floor.

    Directions and Parking:

    UDEN #23 will be held in Room 150E.U23-directions.jpgThe Salt Palace is located in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City. Paid parking is available at the Salt Palace itself and close by at the City Creek Shopping Center. In addition there are open area lots in most of the surrounding blocks and street parking too. Click here for directions and map

    Salt Lake Gaming Con:


    Now in its 5th year, Salt Lake Gaming Con is one of the top 10 biggest gaming conventions in the country!

    Whether it involves Larping, Shopping, Pinball, Tabletop, Demos, Kart racing, or Video games, SLGC has something for you!

    Come join old friends and new and explore new worlds in fantasy and science fiction. Explore mythical worlds and face fierce monsters using dice and your imagination. Play the newest versions of the oldest games or experience new games that haven’t been released yet. The choice is yours! The main esports events are back, providing a healthy mix of main tournament competitions, as well as quick fire qualifier events. Are you the king of the road in Mario Kart? Perhaps your legend has yet to be told in Apex? Or are you the ultimate fighter in Super Smash or Street Fighter? Your glory is calling, so now prove to the world who you are.

    SPECIAL GUESTS - famous actors, leaders in the gaming industry, professional athletes and professional gamers, we book a wide variety of special guests to make sure that we have someone that everyone wants to see.  Among those already announced include:

    55853769_2233692980020239_8865309396595376128_n.gif D5VjP3JUEAQiosY.gif
    59051824_2282276291828574_6018054715697266688_n.gif 56209373_2233693040020233_2076590299336933376_n.png
    D5b5CF0UwAAz5Rk.jpg D6FNya0UIAAkVfg.jpg

    More details are being announced daily - get latest details and full event tickets here: http://saltlakegamingcon.com/ -- don't forget - if you would like to attend everything at Salt Lake Gaming Con, use the code UDEN when buying your tickets and get a whopping 25% discount!


    June 27, 2019 at 6pm
    Salt Palace Convention Center
    100 S W Temple
    Salt Lake City, UT 84101
    United States
    Google map and directions
    75 rsvps rsvp

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