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As a lifelong Utah resident, I have seen what the deep talent pool and entrepreneurial spirit in this state can produce. Some of the biggest digital entertainment properties in the world were created here, and I believe that most of the pieces are in place for Utah to produce the next Pixar, the next Supercell, even the next Apple. What's missing are a few synaptic connections that UDEN is helping to forge: talent to mentoring, startups to capital, product experts to growth experts, and the burgeoning Utah tech scene to global entertainment marketplaces. 

Clark Stacey

Clark Stacey


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  • Community Manager - WildWorks

    We’re looking for a Community Manager to help manage the community experience for our new online social game, Fer.al! This amazing and talented individual will possess the innate ability to communicate effectively with and engage our audience. They will listen to player feedback from various channels and megaphone this feedback to stakeholders.

    If you love making things millions of kids will enjoy and you want to work on a revolutionary gaming project, this is an opportunity to join an elite team and create the future of kids digital media.

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