This month, we look back at the first meeting in over a year with a recap of UDEN #26, and highlight one of the outcomes that arose - a new UDEN server on Discord for you to join!  Plus our friends at Craft Lake City have a special invitation for you. Read on!

Happy April! I hope this note finds you in good health and that you have had the opportunity to have had at least one of your Covid vaccinations! Still hard to believe we have been living with this for over a year.

Last week, we held our first UDEN meeting since January 2020; it was a virtual meeting and you can read all about it here and also see the video at our YouTube page. It was great to see everyone again and to find out what members of the community have been up to, hearing how the past year treated them. The meeting turned to UDEN’s role; we were setup to be an umbrella organization for the digital entertainment community in Utah, but what does that community want? Everything we have learned from past surveys, meetings and other feedback has been tried - but we still don’t seem to get much traction from the community outside of our meetings or even much use of the things that were requested. Perhaps it is a by-product of not having any full-time staff and the inevitable limitations of being a volunteer run organization? From the discussion, it seems as though UDEN is needed and that it should continue to focus on providing educational and social events, even if virtual. The meeting conversation concluded that rather than aim for loftier goals for the community, focus instead on supporting the needs of those who show up and build out from there. So that is most likely what we will do in future. What do you think? We would welcome some more insights so if you have thoughts, please add them as comments at the bottom of the UDEN #26 meeting write up here.


Among the ideas proposed was from Gordon Cooper, who suggested that UDEN have a Discord channel as another venue where members could communicate and collaborate. We thought this would be a great idea and Gordon volunteered to own this. So we now have a Discord server where UDEN members are encouraged to meet and connect - here: https://discord.gg/UE286v2zAu - please join us there!


Our friends at Craft Lake City will be holding the 13th Annual Craft Lake City DIY Festival, presented by Harmons, at the Utah State Fairpark from August 13-15.  They are seeking locally-based companies, organizations, and individuals to participate in the Google Fiber STEM Building. It is a great opportunity to show off your latest invention, promote a new product, share an educational program or build awareness for your brand!  Apply now at www.craftlakecity.com/apply.  They are also interested to hear from anyone who might be interested in volunteering during the event. For more details you can email [email protected] or call Mia Allen at (385)237-7676.  Applications to participate are due by April 8

Finally, a reminder that the UDEN homepage continues to host the latest news and updates for the community related to the pandemic, including where you can get vaccinated. The event pages are running low on content, so please don't forget to add details of any upcoming events that you know about that are of interest to the UDEN community, whether in-person or virtual.

With very best regards,


- Jon Dean



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