How To Land Your First VFX/Animation Job In Film, Games or VR: Adam Sidwell

Adam Sidwell has been making blockbuster films and VR for the past 15 years. An Animation Industry veteran, he's worked on over a dozen films like Pirates of the Caribbean, King Kong, Transformers, and Pacific Rim for top studios like Lucasfilm, Sony Imageworks, Digital Domain, and Weta Digital. He is currently Animation Director for VR experiences at WITHIN, a venture capital-backed VR studio based in Los Angeles.
This meetup is designed for people who would like to know how to break into the animation industry for film, games or VR. Adam will outline some of the potential training paths to starting a career in Animation, and what it takes to land that first job.
Adam has always had a passion for art, film and games, but remembers not knowing his career options. He'd like to help people find their paths. Don't want to become an accountant? This information session is designed for people with a passion for art and technology who are considering their education and career options.

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