“How to Compose Music - in a New Age/Contemporary Style” - FREE Workshop

Jerald Simon, Utah Author and Composer, is giving a series of FREE piano workshops on improvisation, arranging, and composing featuring his new #1 Best Selling Book - currently ranked #1 on amazon.com in the Hot New Releases Music Theory section and the Piano Song Book section on Amazon (visit this link on Amazon to learn more about the book: https://amzn.to/2QKHwH7). 

Jerald Simon at the Keyboard - composing new music...

This monthly workshop series features: 

“How to Compose Music - in a New Age Style - featuring Jerald's new book and album, 'Wintertide'” -

Watch Jerald's new video featuring the first piano solo, "Wintertide" from the album titled: "Wintertide": https://youtu.be/I925PAJMG4M

Who: All piano teacherspiano students, and parents of piano students are invited.

When: February 29th, 2020 from 10 A.M. - 12:00 P.M. (additional upcoming dates will be held at  various music stores in Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, and Colorado) Contact Jerald Simon to receive the latest updated schedule for the monthly workshop series: http://musicmotivation.com/contact-jerald/)

Where: Bountiful Music (365 N. Main Street  Bountiful, UT 84010) (801) 292-1804

Learn how to compose music in a new age style using new age left hand patterns and understanding how to use third and fifth intervals with the right hand.

Wintertide by Jerald Simon

Jerald will also introduce his new book and album, "Wintertide," featuring 10 original new age piano solos. The left hand patterns will be presented from Jerald's book "100 Left Hand Patterns Every Piano Player Should Know - Play the Same Song 100 Different Ways." In this FREE piano workshop, Jerald Simon, founder of Music Motivation® (musicmotivation.com), and author and composer will demonstrate to the workshop participants how to improvise and arrange any piece of music. Come learn how to change the rhythm, style, genre, or key signature of any piece you are working on as Jerald Simon teaches those attending how to "Play the Same Song 100 Different Ways". Copies of his new best selling book: "100 Left Hand Patterns Every Piano Player Should Know - Play the Same Song 100 Different Ways", which also includes Simon's FUN Fake Book (featuring 100 songs in Fake Book Format) will also be available for sale from the music store for the workshop attendees. This new book, "100 Left Hand Patterns", is the #1 Music Book in the Hot New Releases Piano Song Book section as well as being #1 in the Hot New Releases Music Theory Book section on Amazon (amazon.com).

Simon refers to himself as a Music Mentor—a piano teacher who teaches more than dots on a page. In his own piano teaching and studio, Simon helps piano students learn what he refers to as: “The Practical Application of Music Theory". He also calls it "Putting FUN back into piano FUNdamentals". To do this, Simon has composed what have become known as COOL SONGS, original piano compositions initially composed for his own piano students to help teach music theory the FUN way. The piano pieces range in styles and genres from classical to new age, pop, rock, techno, jazz, blues, boogie-woogie, hymn arrangements, and more. The books from Simon's Music Motivation® Series are being used all over the world. Here is what Simon has to say about his piano lessons, which focus primarily on teaching teenagers and adults the following: 1. Music Theory (Theory Therapy), 2. Improvisation (Innovative Improvisation), and 3. Composition (Creative Composition):

"If you come to piano lessons each week and walk away only having learned about music notation, rhythm, and dots on a page, then I have failed as a Music Mentor. Life lessons are just as important, if not more important than music lessons. I would rather have you learn more about goal setting and achieving, character, dedication, and personal  improvement. To have you learn to love music, appreciate it, and play it, is a wonderful byproduct you will have for the rest of your life - a talent that will enrich your life and the lives of others. To become a better musician is wonderful and important, but to become a better person is more important." - Jerald Simon

All those who attend the FREE piano workshop will also have their names entered into a drawing to receive one of five different prizes: 

1. A FREE PDF copy of Jerald's new #1 best selling book on Amazon Music Books: "100 Left Hand Patterns Every Piano Player Should Know - Play the Same Song 100 Different Ways" (this book is being used worldwide by piano teachers and in music studios around the globe). 

2. A Spiral Bound Copy of "Wintertide" - Jerald's newest book and album released in February, 2020. 

3. A collection of Jerald Simon's "COOL SONGS for COOL KIDS" Series (a four book series of 73 COOL piano solos composed by Simon especially for teen piano students to motivate and inspire them to play the piano with FUN COOL SONGS as Jerald's piano students have termed them). 

4. A Platinum Piano Student Package featuring 14 of Jerald's 24 published PDF books (the participant who wins this prize will also receive 5 spiral bound books: Cool Songs for Cool Kids Primer, books 1, 2, and 3, and Cool Songs that ROCK! {book 1}). 

5. A Personal one on one 30 minute piano lesson with Jerald Simon at his home studio. Learn from Jerald Simon how to begin applying the left hand patterns presented in the “100 Left Hand Patterns” book.

Attend the workshop and learn more about music theory, improvisation, and composing on the piano. Simon will demonstrate and teach those in attendance how to make music of their own by arranging well known songs or composing music using the left hand patterns taught in "100 Left Hand Patterns Every Piano Player Should Know". Those who come to the workshop will learn how to take their piano playing to the next level and make music of their own! After the workshop, participants can stay after for a short concert and book signing with music mentor Jerald Simon.

Jerald' new book, "Wintertide" is available on Amazon: https://amzn.to/37eCAxt, from Jerald's website: http://musicmotivation.com/shop/, and from all music stores for $18.95.

Jerald’s book, "100 Left Hand Patterns" is available on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2QKHwH7, from Jerald’s website: http://musicmotivation.com/shop/, and from all music stores for $17.95 (94 pages).


Wintertide by Jerald Simon available on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, and all online streaming sites...




How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Email Jerald Simon with questions about the workshop: [email protected]

Visit Jerald Simon's website to learn more about Jerald Simon and Music Motivation® books and products: http://musicmotivation.com

February 29, 2020 at 10:00am - 12pm
Bountiful Music
365 N Main St
Bountiful, UT 84010
United States
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