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The digital entertainment industry is changing faster than ever, led by new innovations and increasingly, new players; more States are developing competitive educational programs today, while entire countries are taking aggressive steps to secure the digital jobs of tomorrow. If we like living in Utah and working in digital entertainment, we're going to need to stay ahead of the field. But...

We're not competing.

Despite boasting a wealth of creative talent here, we only have a small number of entertainment businesses that make enough money to sustain and compete on the world stage. While our State is frequently ranked as one of the best places in tech to do business, in entertainment we don't even make the list. 

This is not a whine. It's a call to action for YOU.

This is not a cry for a handout. We can't build a future based on incentives - think of them like gasoline: if you have a fire, they can make it boom. But if you just have a pile of wood then adding gasoline just makes that pile of wood damp!  No, we need to build based upon a foundation of solid commercial success.


WE need to be the sparks that make the flame.

UDEN is five years old. We're not a union, but a volunteer-run non-profit of industry people looking to give-back and build.  Our goal is to create a community of the creators of digital entertainment content and technology. We are making progress but it is slow and time is not our friend. We can't do this alone. We need ideas, plans and volunteers to deliver on those plans. And while we truly believe that our network meetings are important, we don't just want to be meeting organizers!

For 2020 our focus is on business development, networking and educational events.  By working together and collaborating, we can have an unfair advantage.

If you are involved or affiliated with the creation of digital entertainment in Utah, please join here.

By joining you will also receive our newsletters including details of our upcoming events and activities.

Get yourself listed on our website -- add details about you, your company, your services to our resources directory here. As with most things UDEN, it's free.

We have regular membership meetings for networking, sharing and education - check out our UPCOMING EVENTS page for details of ours and other relevant gatherings for our community.

See our latest news and member blogs here.



We're UDEN - The Utah Digital Entertainment Network.

A non-profit, voluntary trade group for the creators of entertainment content and technology.  Founded by local industry professionals, run by local industry professionals.

      • Overall, we aim to be a single voice for all of those involved in digital entertainment in Utah – films, games, education, technology and more.
      • There are many talented people here working in digital entertainment, but we’re doing so in small, disconnected networks
      • For a healthy ecosystem and vibrant future we need to build a community that is looking out for the entire sector, not just individual interest
      • With your help, UDEN can build this community here in Utah
      • Other entertainment areas attained success by becoming a community first that collaborated to create economic growth. New York, Montreal, Austin - all excellent examples
      • We won’t do this by replacing anything that already exists – on the contrary, we want to be additive – to help connect the dots between everything that already exists – companies, services, groups – and help them become stronger by being connected in the ecosystem – part of a wider community  

We're small, we don't have any money - but that doesn't mean we can't achieve great things by working together. "I'll help" you might say!  "Great!" we reply.  "But how can I?" you say. "Easier than you think", we reply. Read on...


  • SUPPORT. Make sure to attend our meetings.
  • Also, did you know there are more than 50 other groups specializing in digital entertainment in Utah? Find the one or two most useful to you personally and support them also! 
  • Most of them post on our events pages
  • If you know of upcoming events that you think might interest our community, you should post them on our website -- it's free and it helps the community!


  • HELP YOUR FRIENDS. Encourage your colleagues and other people you know in the industry to join UDEN (at the website -
  • Post notices at your place of work about UDEN and UDEN events.  We're not a union, it shouldn't upset anyone, it's about growing the ecosystem here in the state
  • Tell colleagues about UDEN events and why its important to build this community


  • SUPPORT LOCAL, HIRE LOCAL whenever you can.
  • We often hear "we can never find enough talented people in the State so we outsource" - which is nonsense, the talent is here it's just sometimes hard to find
  • That's where we come in.  You can find resources right here on the UDEN website in our Resources Directory.  Make sure you're listed on there too!
  • By insourcing in the state, we support each other and it will make a huge difference to our ecosystem.
  • Hiring local makes a difference so please, choose that first whenever you can.  If this isn't your job, talk to whoever in your organization is responsible and make the case. We can help make connections if needed. Just contact us for help! [email protected]


  • ADVOCATE. UDEN can't do this alone, it takes everyone in our community to be part of the community.
  • Bring other people to UDEN meetings, tell them why YOU believe and how this is in your collective interest.
  • Tell others in your organization how we can grow this ecosystem if we band together
  • Encourage your workplace to sponsor a UDEN event
  • Perhaps we can have a UDEN event At your workplace?


  • BE UTAH PROUD. Utah is not exactly known as a hub of entertainment expertise. We can fix that with your help.
  • If you talk to the media about your work, remember to also tell them you're a Utah digital entertainment company. (When was the last time you saw or heard that?). Tell them Utah is a great place to live and work.
  • Use the hashtag #UTproud in your social media posts when showing off your latest work.
  • Tell the world about the great talent and digital entertainment community we have here. 
  • Make it personal - tell them why you're here. Share your passion. 
  • If this isn't something you do directly, get your company to start doing this. If you need help, ask us. [email protected]


  • If you can spare an hour or two a month, please get in contact. [email protected]
  • Maybe you could manage a webpage for us?
  • Perhaps you could find sponsors for upcoming meetings?
  • How about writing a regular blog for this site?
  • Perhaps you could check people in at events?
  • Maybe you could staff our booth at a trade show?


  • SHARE UDEN's social posts to YOUR networks, whether large or small, it all helps.  TwitterInstagramFacebook.
  • Follow other Utah creators and UDEN members on their networks
  • Share their posts, announcements and achievements.
  • Please also tag your posts #UDEN, #UTproud and @UtahDen


  • DONATE. Time and money help.
  • We're a non-profit run by volunteers and every penny helps keep nearly all our activities and services FREE for members.
  • We are also advocating at industry and state level, including trying to establish a digital apprenticeship program which could be transformational in the state.
  • Donate your time through volunteering (see above)

See? There are actually a lot of things you can do really easily that can help make a difference.  

UDEN's directors, advisory board and volunteers are not giving up on digital entertainment in Utah and we hope you'll join us and make supporting UDEN one of your actions this year.






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