Contract work- Small Project for Educational materials

Our company provides support to organizations developing online and educational training materials for professionals and public servants. We are looking for a game developer who can do occasional projects as a work-for-hire contractor as the need arises. Moonlighters are encouraged to apply. 


One of our customers has been providing training to first responders. They have a product that has been shown to reduce accidents caused by emergency vehicles by 80%.


We want to replace simulations in their current course with new simulations that will incorporate web-based game technology. We are looking for students to help us with the development of some simulations that will be accessible online and incorporated into our learning systems.  They will be very simple games,but will require some 3d modeling of city streets and buildings.





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  • Jeff Moyes
    I know this is a year old now, and you probably found someone, but could you use any additional help? I’ve got experience in 3D modelling (Blender and a little Maya), Unity, WebGL, eLearning, WebApp/PWA development, etc. I’d love to talk to you.
    Thanks, Jeff
  • Ed GIles